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About Us

Quilter's Corner Etc - Deer Lodge, Montana - Photo by Kayo Fraser

Established July 7,1999, Quilter’s Corner Etc is located on the corner of Main Street and Missouri Ave. in Deer Lodge, Montana.  The building was originally built to be used as a bank. Yes, the vault is still here, we just keep precious Batiks in it!  Marble floors, front desk, gorgeous wood trim throughout and large windows to let in natural light, keep us inspired.


Here are the people that keep our customer service satisfaction strong -


Theresa at Quilter's Corner Etc


Theresa - Is seamstress extraordinaire and web helper! She brings 40+ years of sewing and fabric experience with her. She custom sews garments and home decor items and many of our samples!  She is also called upon by the local theater groups to help make up the costumes used in the different productions.

Debbie at Quilter's Corner Etc.



Debbie - She is a hair stylist by profession but sneaks away to play (work) in fabric a couple days a week. She teaches a night quilting group and assists with anything we need her to do. 



Gwynne – A fabulous quilter, who would spend all her time in her sewing room or garage brewing beer, if she could.  She comes up with our kit ideas and sews many of our samples.  She is always out and about trying to keep up with her sons.  Best of all, she lets us be tasters of her yummy home brew!



Cathy – The newest member of our team, is recently retired from her full time job.  She is looking forward to getting to “play” with all the fabric at the shop.



Donna, Owner - A Physical Therapist for over 40 years!! Got restless in 1999 and needed to explore her creative side so she opened Quilters Corner Etc. Recently retired from PT, she keeps herself busy with her quilting, grandkids and helping out in the community.  She is co-owner of Mountain View Retreat.



 Ed - Is our fearless quilt display hanger. He climbs up and down the ladder moving and hanging quilts, wall hangings and whatever else we ask of him. And I shouldn't reveal his secret but...he really doesn't like high places!! He also helps out in many other ways too numerous to list, we don't know what we would do without him.  He is co-owner of Mountain View Retreat.  His "real" job is Project Manager with Jordan Contracting.



Mona - I am the webmaster, newsletter writer, Donna's sister and not a cotton quilter (but may have to try one with wool). I took over Donna's website, for fun, to give it a new look in the early 2000s and I am still here.  I love to create with color….from stained glass and mosaics and now into anything wool!!  Dyeing wool and hooking it into rugs, using it in fancy stitch appliques or spinning roving into thread/yarn and weaving into fun stuff are my new loves.

We would like to thank all our customers for continuing to shop with us!  You are the ones keeping our doors open.

Quilter's Corner Etc.
401 South Main Street
Deer Lodge, Montana 59722
(877) 646-3096 Toll Free

Hours are -
Monday through Saturday 9:30am until 5:30pm
Sunday 12noon until 5:00pm
24/7 on the web!!

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